Controlling T-Series Vector Impedance Analyzer from a netbook

March 21, 2016

I’ve been using the T-Series Vector Impedance Analyzer program from Times Technology Company to control my dad’s MFJ-226 antenna analyzer (aka Times Technology T200). Both he and I ran into problems with it on a netbook with a screen size of 1024×600. Most of the “interesting” buttons were off screen!

The right solution for Windows 7 and higher appears to be to allow scaling of the netbook’s screen. That’s documented here. But for those unfortunates who are stuck on Windows XP or for some other reason can’t increase the screen size, here’s what I ended up doing.

To start/stop the connection to the analyzer:

  • Click the “SWR” button
  • Press [Tab] [Tab] [Cursor back <-] [Space]

To load a file from the analyzer:

  • Click the “Save to File” button
  • Click “Cancel”
  • Press [Tab] [Tab] [Tab] – you are now on the file to load
  • Press [Backspace] [Backspace] [Backspace] [Del] [Del] [Del]
  • Enter the file you want to load from the analyzer (1, 3, 12, etc.)
  • Press [Shift-Tab]
  • Press [Enter]
  • Now you can click the “Save to file” button and save the data.

Increasing Netbook Screen Size

March 21, 2016

I’ve got an old Acer Aspire One 521 netbook that I’ve had for ages. One of the downsides of netbooks is that their screen resolution is 1024×600 – which is too low for a lot of programs. In particular, all the interesting buttons of the MFJ-226 control program “T-Series Vector Impedance Analyzer” are below the bottom of the screen.

I found a workaround that appears to work on Windows 7 and higher. I found it here:

The solution: use regedit to search for all instances of “Display1_DownScalingSupported” and change the value 0 to 1. (According to various things I’ve read, you’ll need to do that for all instances, not just one.) Then reboot. When I did this, I ended up in 1024×768 (which looks strange).

Strange isn’t bad, though. Now I can change resolutions to 1024×768 or 1152×864 if an inconsiderate programmer decides he wants to use more than my screen.