Changing the search bar text outside of Thunderbird

June 29, 2019

I run Thunderbird on a shared Samba drive. Because of that, it crashes. I know, it’s not supported. But I want to be able to load the profile from multiple clients – one at a time – and can live with it.

Frustratingly, sometimes it doesn’t crash. That means every time I start Thunderbird, the text in the search bar is the thing I searched for back in 2018. I finally got annoyed enough at that to figure out how to change it.

In the Thunderbird profile is a file called session.json which includes what the last session state was. Inside that is the “quickFilter”, which determines what the filter shows. Mine was:

{"quickFilter":{"filterValues" : {"text" : {"text" : "thing I didn't want to search for anymore", "states" : {"sender" : true, "recipients" : true, "subject" : true, "body" : false}}, "results" : 8}, "visible" : true}}

I replaced “thing I didn’t want to search for anymore” with “” and life was good. Incidentally, I usually want to quick filter by sender, recipients, subject but not body – you can set all those with the appropriate booleans.

If you never want to see the quick filter, “visible” : false is your friend.

Finding out which disk is which on Ubuntu

June 9, 2019

My file server often has various disks swapped in and out. It can get confusing which /dev/sd? corresponds to which drive. While reading the man page of findfs, I stumbled on this:

The complete overview about filesystems and partitions you can get for example by:
  lsblk –fs
  partx –show

These three things (along with judicious use of e2label and the other *label commands) is going to make my life a lot easier!