Editions of ARRL Hints and Kinks Books

I’ve been looking around the web for a list of the ARRL “Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur” editions. I wasn’t able to find one, so here’s what I know:

Edition Year Orig Price Preface
First volume (unlabeled) 1933 0.50
Volume Two 1937 0.50 Ross A. Hull (VK3JU operating as ARRL station W1MK/W1AW?)
Volume Three 1945 0.50 unsigned
Volume Four 1949 1.00 A. L. Budlong (W1BUD)
Volume Five 1954 1.00 A. L. Budlong (W1BUD)
Volume Six 1959 1.00 A. L. Budlong (W1BUD)
Volume Seven 1965 1.00 John Huntoon W1LVQ
8th Edition 1968 1.00 John Huntoon W1LVQ
9th Edition 1973? 1974? 2.00
Edition Year Orig Price Editor
10th Edition 1978 4.00 Stuart Leland W1JEC
11th Edition 1982 4.00 Charles L. Hutchinson K8CH, Stuart B. Leland W1JEC, Larry D. Wolfgang WA3VIL
12th Edition 1989 5.00 Charles L. Hutchinson K8CH, David Newkirk AK7M
13th Edition 1992 10.00 David Newkirk WJ1Z
14th Edition 1997 12.00 Robert Schetgen KU7G, David Newkirk W9VES
15th Edition 2000 12.00 Larry Wolfgang WR1B
16th Edition 2003 15.95 Steve Ford WB8IMY
17th Edition 2004 17.95 Dana G. Reed W1LC
18th Edition 2012 22.95 Steve Ford WB8IMY

All the editions from 10 on are the large format (8 x 11 inches) and have an editor; the editions from 1 through 9 are 6 x 9 inch and sometimes have the writer of the preface/forward listed. N4MW has info about the earlier editions as well as other classic ARRL publications.

Thanks also to James Smith for clarifications about three of the earlier editions.

One Response to Editions of ARRL Hints and Kinks Books

  1. James Smith says:

    I have volume V of Hints and Kinks and it says “Copyright 1954”. No editor is indicated, but the preface is by A. L. Budlong.

    I also have volume III, copyright 1945, with a foreward that is unsigned.

    And, finally, volume VII, copyright 1965, preface by John Huntoon, W1LVQ.

    Thanks for this list. I wish the League would reissue these old ones. They’re so much more interesting than the new H&Ks. The new ones are all modifications to commercial equipment. The old ones are about doing it yourself, with a few hand tools gathered from the barn.

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