Connecting to HSMM-Mesh and the Internet from a laptop

Note: This page does not discuss connecting HSMM mesh to the Internet. It’s just about talking to the mesh and the Internet from the same client device.

I’ve been playing with hsmm-mesh lately on my laptop. Up until now, when I’ve done this I could either view the HSMM mesh or the Internet, but not both. There were a couple of reasons:

1. My routing tables didn’t know how to direct traffic to the HSMM mesh network.

To solve this, I needed to tell the laptop to send traffic in the 10.*.*.* range to the HSMM mesh rather than to the default gateway:

ip route add via dev eth0

2. I had to make sure things were resolving right for DNS (in my /etc/resolv.conf):


DNS is still a bit of an issue. resolves anything in *, so my local network is never found. But at least I can browse the web and HSMM.

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