Creating headers in LibreOffice

Recently I had to create headers in LibreOffice. It’s not hard, but neither is it obvious. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Insert->Header->Default
  2. Format->Page->Header and unclick “Same page left/right”
  3. Edit the header to have all the text you want (sans fields)
  4. Insert the fields in the right places. I wanted Chapter and Page Number, so I did Insert->Fields->Page Number and Insert->Fields->Other->Chapter. I used tab to space them out. (In general, page number goes on the left for even pages and on the right for odd pages.)
  5. That was cool and all, but left me with a page number on page one, which I didn’t want. Luckily, I found this site which explained the magic. Go to the first page, then click Format->Styles and Formatting. Pick the fourth box (Page Styles) and double-click on “First Page”.

Done! Now I have headers that look like books or magazines.

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