Solving Youtube “Cannot Play Video” on Android

Recently, my phone entered a state where it would “sort of crash” when I tried to play Youtube links using the internal Youtube app. I could play in Flash fine, but if I opened the same link with the Youtube app, it would:

  1. vibrate twice
  2. vibrate again
  3. open a dialog titled “Cannot play video” with the text “Sorry, this video cannot be played”

Lots of users have seen this, but there weren’t too many solutions. I started out by uninstalling and reinstalling the Youtube app. No luck there. Then I found
this AndroidCentral thread and in particular Sumabot’s post.

That set me down the right path. I didn’t want to wipe out as much as he did, but I did do this:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Menu -> More -> Settings
  3. Clear Cache
  4. Clear history
  5. Clear all cookie data
  6. Clear location access
  7. Reset to default

I might just have needed to “Reset to default” – if it happens again that’s what I’ll try next.

Update: I’ve figured out that opening a Youtube video in another window (regardless of cache state) will cause the browser to crash. In my case, just clicking on the link (as opposed to long-pressing and saying “Open”) seems to work.

4 Responses to Solving Youtube “Cannot Play Video” on Android

  1. Janice says:

    Thank you Andrew, you really helped me with my Brother 9840 printer.

  2. Dawn Pelz says:

    When I want to watch a video on how to do hair makeup cooking I can’t use the HQ to be able to see it more clear it also stops playing every minute or two I really need advice hot to make my videos I watch work without stopping and YouTube Browser Facebook is not responding close wait ok please help thank you.. ps this is been going on for a longtime I have sent several message’s how to get my issue to work thank you

    • Dawn Pelz says:

      Thank you I will try this then get back to you. I’m also having problems with my email I set it up and it worked for some time now its telling me wrong email or password how can I fix this? I also can’t take pics or video tell me my SD card is full I don’t know what to do.. I can’t open any pages that also tells me that I can’t open if you know how I can fix these issue’s please let me know its driving me nuts lol it is bugging the heck out of me thanks again for your help.

  3. Firmware totally changed android. Thanks a great deal.

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