Solving Youtube “Cannot Play Video” on Android

Recently, my phone entered a state where it would “sort of crash” when I tried to play Youtube links using the internal Youtube app. I could play in Flash fine, but if I opened the same link with the Youtube app, it would:

  1. vibrate twice
  2. vibrate again
  3. open a dialog titled “Cannot play video” with the text “Sorry, this video cannot be played”

Lots of users have seen this, but there weren’t too many solutions. I started out by uninstalling and reinstalling the Youtube app. No luck there. Then I found
this AndroidCentral thread and in particular Sumabot’s post.

That set me down the right path. I didn’t want to wipe out as much as he did, but I did do this:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Menu -> More -> Settings
  3. Clear Cache
  4. Clear history
  5. Clear all cookie data
  6. Clear location access
  7. Reset to default

I might just have needed to “Reset to default” – if it happens again that’s what I’ll try next.

Update: I’ve figured out that opening a Youtube video in another window (regardless of cache state) will cause the browser to crash. In my case, just clicking on the link (as opposed to long-pressing and saying “Open”) seems to work.


3 Responses to Solving Youtube “Cannot Play Video” on Android

  1. Janice says:

    Thank you Andrew, you really helped me with my Brother 9840 printer.

  2. Dawn Pelz says:

    When I want to watch a video on how to do hair makeup cooking I can’t use the HQ to be able to see it more clear it also stops playing every minute or two I really need advice hot to make my videos I watch work without stopping and YouTube Browser Facebook is not responding close wait ok please help thank you.. ps this is been going on for a longtime I have sent several message’s how to get my issue to work thank you

    • Dawn Pelz says:

      Thank you I will try this then get back to you. I’m also having problems with my email I set it up and it worked for some time now its telling me wrong email or password how can I fix this? I also can’t take pics or video tell me my SD card is full I don’t know what to do.. I can’t open any pages that also tells me that I can’t open if you know how I can fix these issue’s please let me know its driving me nuts lol it is bugging the heck out of me thanks again for your help.

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