Rooting the Samsung Infuse with SuperOneClick

After spending ages trying to root my Samsung Infuse (i997) running Android 2.2 with SuperOneClick on my Windows XP box, I finally did the right thing: blew it away and installed Windows 7. With that, I was able to root the Infuse this afternoon.

I used:

After rooting, I rebooted the device. It worked with no problems. I shot the developer of SuperOneClick a donation ’cause why not.

Later I installed TitaniumBackup, which gave me a warning message about the access rights to su and offered to correct it. I said to go ahead and it did:

Access rights on the “su” binary were successfully correced from “0:2000 [6755]” to “0:0 [6755]”. Please reboot your device for the changes to apply.

I think that changed it from to root.root.

At any rate, now I know I can root the Infuse.

I wasn’t able to root an Infuse running 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Instead I had to use this XDA post, Odin, and reflash a new ROM.

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