Building a quiet MythTV box – selecting a case

I’ve started looking around for a quiet but thermally good case for a MythTV box. My first thought was to do an HTPC case – the Lian Li HTPC C60 looked good.

But then I started worrying about airflow around the case. I’ve got a fairly narrow spot to put it in – about 46 cm – so a PC that’s 44 cm wide doesn’t leave a lot of room for cooling.

I decided to look into mini towers instead. The Lian Li V600F looks like it would be nice, but it has these ugly blue fans.

I also looked into the NZXT H2 (some were saying it was too flimsy), Antec P183 (too tall, not a mini tower) and Silverstone TJ-8e (an 18 inch fan in front, but only that. How hard to get a replacement when it dies?)

Now I’m leaning towards the Lian Li B10. It’s too bad that SPCR hasn’t reviewed it – they seem to know a thing or two about quiet and heat.

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