Brother MFC-9840 Toner Reset

September 16, 2010

I like the Brother MFC-9840 printer, but it’s got a really irritating problem: it gives up way to easily when it comes to toner. Often there’s still around 33% of the toner left in the cartridge when the printer comes up with the dreaded “Toner Life End” message.

It appears there are two solutions: #1 (which didn’t work for me) is to tape a bit of black tape over the window of the toner cartridge, or over the hole for the sensor in the toner tray. I left the tape on just in case it would do good in the future.

Here’s an article with a picture of the toner hole:

#2, which I found at proved to solve my problem. Here it is:

  1. With power on, open the toner access main door. You will get a “Cover is Open” message on the LCD.
  2. Press the “Clear/Back” button and you will be taken to the toner “Reset Menu”
  3. You can then scroll through the reset options for the printer’s toner cartridges:
    1. B.TNR-S – Black toner small cartridge (TN-110)
    2. B.TNR-H – Black toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
    3. C.TNR-S – Cyan toner small cartridge (TN-110)
    4. C.TNR-H – Cyan toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
    5. M.TNR-S – Magenta toner small cartridge (TN-110)
    6. M.TNR-H – Magenta toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
    7. Y.TNR-S – Yellow toner small cartridge (TN-110)
    8. Y.TNR-H – Yellow toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
  4. Select the cartridge size you have and the colour you want to reset, and press OK. Since I had small cartridges, I used the S options for all three colours.
  5. Each cartridge must be reset individually. Press “1” to reset.
  6. Press “Clear/Back” to get out of the menu, then close the door.

According to the link at, this works on the Brother MFC 9440 as well.

I wish I’d found this before I replaced my black toner cartridge!

Update: 2013-12-12 – I just learned that it’s possible to reset the values for other consumables on the printer as well. Hold down both 3 and 9 at the same time, and you’ll get a menu to reset:
Belt Unit
PF Kit 1
PF Kit 2

I haven’t had to do any of these yet, but will remember it for when the time comes!

Installing ntpd on Ubuntu

September 1, 2010

I was surprised to see that my installs of Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 server didn’t have ntpd in them. This meant that nothing was correcting my drifting time. One machine was off by five minutes.

So I installed OpenBSD’s ntpd:
sudo aptitude install openntpd

And then started it:
sudo service openntpd start

The /etc/openntpd/ntpd.conf shows that I’m polling from the Debian NTP server pool. I guess that’s good enough. When I need an NTP server and can’t remember, I use